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About us

Enriching the lives of Internet users with technology and services.

Add My Followers is a task center where you can post various tasks. We have members from countries all over the world. It is also a home for free communication.

Our main purpose is to facilitate those who are engaged in cross-border e-commerce to find suitable marketing channels and Reviewers.

Also for those who are engaged in self-media, they can find their fans and followers. It is also for the sellers of cross-border e-commerce to solve the operational problems encountered here.

Also for buyers and friends from all over the world to share your shopping experience, and share your happiness and happiness here.

In short, I wish you happiness and good luck, my friend.

When you start your journey on this site, please be sure to read Our Policy, we default you to accept Our Policy.

Vision and mission

User-oriented, technology for good

Everything is based on user value, and social responsibility is integrated into products and services;

Promote technological innovation and cultural inheritance, help all walks of life upgrade, and promote the sustainable development of society.

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Website editing
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for editing and sorting out the content of the website.
2. Responsible for maintaining the relationship between website users and guiding users to contribute.
3. Exploring the hot spots in the cultural circle and proposing operational plans in a timely manner.
Job requirements:
1. Good at using mainstream social software to communicate with users and strangers.
2. Master the use of PS or similar graphics software. Skilled use of video/audio post software is preferred.
3, UP main, Weibo big V, WeChat official account operation priority.
Full stack engineer
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the design and development of front-end and back-end functions.
2. Responsible for the development, maintenance and debugging of the front-end and back-end interfaces, as well as performance optimization.
3. Give your own opinions and suggestions on the overall planning of the project.
Job requirements:
1. Familiar with front-end development technology (HTML5, JS, JSON, CSS3), and master a common front-end framework.
2. Solid PHP programming foundation, familiar with MySQL database, and proficient in using database management tools.
3. Be able to independently design, develop and launch the front-end and back-end development work.